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Asthma: What to Know

Asthma doesn't have to slow kids down. With the right care and daily management, your child can stay active and enjoy being a kid.

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Talk to Your Child

Talking about health with kids helps them learn. Even young kids can start playing a role in their asthma care, setting the foundation for good habits later.

  • Little Kids

    Help little kids find out how their lungs work by watching this video together. As they learn, kids are better able to let you know when asthma flares up. This can help them feel more at ease.

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  • School-Age Kids

    Older kids love to learn about how the body works. Share the video below, as well as this asthma mini-site created just for kids.   

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    Visit the site

  • Teens

    From sports to school, teens spend a lot of time away from your watchful eye. Share the link below to remind teens how daily routines help them manage asthma.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • During the coronavirus pandemic, it's especially important to help protect kids with asthma from having flare-ups. Keep taking care of your child's asthma. This keeps your child's lungs healthy. That way, if an infection happens, it will be easier for your child to get better.

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