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Stress Center for Teens

Keeping Stress in Check

It's good to act before stress gets to be too much. Here are 5 ways to prevent stress buildup.

Take a Look

  • Tips for Your Mind and Body

    You can take steps to help you keep your cool. Check out things to try when you're stressed or before stress kicks in.

    Practice positivity

    Gratitude is great

    Be mindful!

    Give yoga a try

  • What Are You Thinking About?

    Tests? Friends? How you feel about yourself? Learn how to cope with issues that are familiar to many people.

    Test anxiety



  • Calm Your Stress

    Are you feeling stressed? Get some ideas to help keep stress in check.

    Coping with a stressful situation

    5 tips to deal with anxiety

    Take control of your reactions

  • People Who Can Support You

    You can always depend on the people who care about you.

    Asking for help

    If you feel depressed

    Your doctor and you

Dealing With Stress in Your Family

Families can be stressful sometimes. Here are some ways to deal with things that may be going on in your family.


Talking with your family can be tricky sometimes. But you can do it. It may be easier than you think.

Talk to your parents


Understanding others


What can you do when things don't run smoothly?

Dealing with divorce

Read about fighting

Texting in the car

Others in Your Family

Stuff that happens with parents, siblings, and pets can affect us. Find some ways to cope.

When a sibling is sick

Alcohol and drug problems at home

When a pet dies

Relaxation Exercise

Try this guided meditation to help you relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be hurtful and scary when someone spreads a rumor.

Get ideas

I think I made a mistake. How do I fix it?

Find advice

There are different ways to solve a problem.

Learn how

If you feel guilty for something you did, you can still make things better.

Find tips

Tough Topics