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  • Word! Hearing Loss for Kids

    Hearing loss happens when one or more parts of your ears don't work and you can't hear perfectly.

  • Death and Grief for Teens

    If someone close to you has died, you probably feel overwhelmed with grief. Read about some things that might help you cope.

  • A to Z: Hearing Loss, Conductive for Parents

    Learn about causes of hearing loss and conditions that can affect the outer ear and middle ear.

  • A to Z: Hearing Loss, Perceptive for Parents

    See: Hearing Loss, Sensorineural.

  • Hearing Tests for Parents

    Hearing problems can be overcome if they're caught early, so it's important to get your child's hearing screened early and checked regularly.

  • Hearing Aids for Teens

    Want to hear what's being said to you, by you, and about you? Find out how hearing aids help people with certain types of hearing loss.

  • Can Loud Music Hurt My Ears? for Kids

    Loud music can cause temporary and permanent hearing loss. Learn how to protect your ears so you won't be saying, "Huh? What did you say?"

  • Hearing Aids for Parents

    Hearing aids are the main treatment for a type of hearing loss called sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). They work by making sounds louder.

  • H for Parents

    Key pediatric diseases and conditions that start with the letter H.

  • Ear Injuries for Parents

    Ear injuries not only can affect a child's hearing, but sense of balance too. That's because our ears also help keep us steady on our feet.