Preventing Premature Birth

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Preventing Prematurity

It's best for babies to be born at full term. Here's 5 ways to help prevent early labor.

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  • Taking Care of Your Body

    Taking care of yourself is an important part of having a healthy pregnancy. Here's what you need to know.

    Staying healthy


    Sex and sleep

  • Taking Care of Your Mind

    Learn ways to relax and what to do if worries or anxiety take over.

    Your mental health

    Leaving an abusive partner

  • Why Are Babies Born Early?

    Many things cause a baby to be born early or with health problems.

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    Learn why babies are born early

    Treatments to prevent early labor

  • Pregnancy Calendar

    Read our week-by-week calendar and learn about the changes taking place in your baby — and you!

    Pregnancy calendar

Prenatal Care

Going to the doctor regularly can help keep you healthy and lower the chance of having your baby early.

  • Prenatal Tests

    Prenatal tests can tell how your baby is growing and help find any health problems early.

    Learn about prenatal tests

  • First Trimester Tests

    At your first visit, the doctor will confirm your pregnancy and check to see how your baby is developing.

    Learn about tests this trimester

  • Second Trimester Tests

    The second trimester is when many moms and dads "see" their babies for the first time on ultrasound.

    Learn about tests this trimester

  • Third Trimester Tests

    In this trimester, you'll be offered more tests depending on your age, health, family medical history, and other things.

    Learn about tests this trimester

  • Prenatal Genetic Counseling

    If your doctor thinks that genetic testing would be helpful, you may be referred to a genetic counselor.

    Learn about genetic counseling

  • Safe Sleep for Babies

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  • This means a woman has one or more things that raise her — or her baby's — chances for health problems or early delivery.

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