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Asthma Week 4: How to Avoid Triggers

Do you know what causes or "triggers" your child's asthma flare-ups? Maybe it's air pollution, allergies, or the weather. And even though exercise can be good for kids with asthma, it can sometimes trigger a flare-up. 

Avoiding triggers can help prevent flare-ups. Here are some ways to create an asthma-safe home: 

To reduce exposure to outdoor triggers: 

  • Avoid outdoor play when pollen counts or mold counts are high. 
  • Have kids bathe or shower and change clothes after being outside. 
  • Don't let your child mow the grass or rake leaves.

You can't get rid of all triggers. But you can do a lot to reduce your child's exposure to them. If you're not sure what causes your child's asthma flare-ups, ask your doctor.

Asthma Triggers

See some common asthma triggers and how to deal with them.

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