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How the Body Works Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet

Scavenger Hunt Answers

  1. Question: You'll find that you have more than one "septum" in your body. Can you figure out where two of them are?
    Answer: Nose and heart
    Where to find it:Your Nose and Your Heart & Circulatory System
  2. Question: How many bones does an adult have?
    Answer: 206
    Where to find it:Your Bones
  3. Question: Can you remember which part of your brain helps you remember things?
    Answer: The cerebrum
    Where to find it:Your Brain & Nervous System
  4. Question: Which part of your digestive system is like a mixer?
    Answer: The stomach
    Where to find it:Your Stomach & Digestive System
  5. Question: What digestive juice from your liver helps to absorb fats in the bloodstream?
    Answer: Bile
    Where to find it:Your Liver
  6. Question: Name the three types of muscle in the body.
    Answer: Smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and skeletal muscle
    Where to find it:Your Muscles
  7. Question: Assuming you're not bald, how many hairs do you have on your head?
    Answer: About 100,000
    Where to find it:Your Hair
  8. Question: Where can you find your pulse?
    Answer: Anywhere an artery comes close to the surface of your skin, such as the inside of your wrist (just below your thumb) or the side of your neck
    Where to find it:Your Heart & Circulatory System
  9. Question: How fast is a sneeze?
    Answer: Up to 100 miles per hour
    Where to find it:Your Nose
  10. Question: What happens to your skin to make it wrinkled and soggy in water?
    Answer: Your skin gets pruney when it absorbs water. If you stay in the water for a long time, your protective layer of sebum and sweat get washed away, allowing the water to get through.
    Where to find it:Your Skin
  11. Question: Which piece of computer equipment is about the size of a kidney?
    Answer: A computer mouse
    Where to find it:Your Kidneys
  12. Question: These four pointy teeth help tear food. What are they called?
    Answer: Canine teeth
    Where to find it:Your Teeth
  13. Question: Your tongue is covered with a layer of bumps that contain taste buds. What are they called?
    Answer: Papillae
    Where to find it:Your Tongue
  14. Question: Which endocrine gland is in your neck and shaped like a bowtie or butterfly?
    Answer: The thyroid gland
    Where to find it:Your Endocrine System
  15. Question: Your spleen works like a filter to remove germs from your system. Name another part of the immune system that also works like a filter.
    Answer: Lymph nodes
    Where to find it:Your Immune System
  16. Question: Pee follows the urinary tract, which includes six parts. What are they? Hint: Two of the parts come in pairs.
    Answer: Two kidneys, two ureters, the bladder, and the urethra
    Where to find it:Your Urinary System
  17. Question: What does the eustachian tube do?
    Answer: Works like a pressure valve in your ear
    Where to find it:Your Ears
  18. Question: What's the white part of the eyeball called?
    Answer: The sclera
    Where to find it:Your Eyes
  19. Question: What are nails made of?
    Answer: Keratin
    Where to find it: Your Nails
  20. Question: What are the tiniest tubes in the lungs called?
    Answer: Bronchioles
    Where to find it:Your Lungs & Respiratory System