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  • Anesthesia for Parents

    Knowing the basics of anesthesia may help answer your questions and ease some concerns — both yours and your child's.

  • Anesthesia - What to Expect for Teens

    Here's a quick look at what may happen before, during, and after you get anesthesia.

  • Anesthesia - What to Expect for Parents

    Here's a quick look at what may happen before, during, and after on the day of your child's operation or procedure.

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    Here's a basic look at what each kind of anesthesia does.

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    Find out what the experts say.

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    Prepare for your child's surgery by learning about different procedures, anesthesia, and more.

  • Health Care Resources and Information for Parents

    Guides on health insurance, medical care, and more.

  • Word! Anesthesia for Kids

    Anesthesia is medicine that doctors give to make people feel comfortable when they're having surgery, stitches, or other things that might be painful.

  • Cancer Treatment & Prevention for Parents

    Learn what medicines and therapies are used to get kids better, and keep them well.

  • Sedation for Parents

    Sedation is the use of medicines to help someone relax and not feel pain during a medical procedure.