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  • First Aid: Broken Bones for Teens

    A broken bone requires emergency medical care. Here's what to do.

  • Broken Bones for Teens

    Bones are tough stuff - but even tough stuff can break. Find out what happens when a bone fractures.

  • How Broken Bones Heal for Teens

    Broken bones have an amazing ability to heal. New bone forms within a few weeks of the injury, although full healing can take longer.

  • Comminuted Fractures for Teens

    A comminuted fracture is a type of broken bone. The bone is broken into more than two pieces.

  • Broken Collarbone (Clavicle Fracture) for Teens

    A broken collarbone is one of the most common types of broken bones. Find out how it can happen - and how to treat and avoid fractures.

  • Splints for Teens

    A splint is a support device that keeps an injured area from moving. Doctors often use splints to hold bones and joints in place so they can heal after a fracture.

  • Greenstick Fractures for Teens

    A greenstick fracture is a type of broken bone. The bone cracks on one side only, not all the way through the bone.

  • Bones, Muscles & Joints for Teens

    This section has information on conditions like scoliosis and injuries like ACL tears and broken bones.

  • Safety & First Aid for Teens

    From camping to the Internet, we'll help you get prepared to protect yourself and deal with emergencies.

  • First Aid & Injuries for Teens

    Learn what to do for common problems like bug bites or nosebleeds, including situations when you need to see a doctor.


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