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  • Encouraging Your Child's Sense of Humor for Parents

    Laughing together is a way of connecting, but a good sense of humor also can make kids healthier and better able to cope with challenges.

  • Your Child’s Development: 2.5 Years (30 Months) for Parents

    Doctors use certain milestones to tell if a child is developing as expected. Here are some things your toddler may be doing this month.

  • Play & Learn Center for Parents

    This site helps parents promote active and imaginative play throughout all stages of childhood. Learn which activities inspire and motivate, and which toys are not only safer, but smarter, too.

  • In-Toeing for Parents

    In-toeing is when feet point inward while walking. It happens in a lot of kids who are learning to walk. Sometimes people call it walking "pigeon-toed."

  • Out-Toeing for Parents

    Out-toeing is when feet point outward while walking. It happens to a lot of kids when they are learning to walk.

  • Toe Walking for Parents

    Toe walking is when kids walk on the balls of their feet, with their heels off the ground. Most children stop toe walking on their own by age 2.

  • Storytelling for Parents

    Here are some tips for on-the-spot storytelling when you hear your child plead, "I'm bored! Please tell me a story."

  • Down Syndrome for Parents

    In Down syndrome, an extra chromosome causes delays in the way a child develops, mentally and physically. But many resources are available to help kids who have it and their families.