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  • What's the Difference Between a Nebulizer and an Inhaler? for Kids

    People use inhalers and nebulizers to get asthma medicine into their lungs. Find out more in this article for kids.

  • Word! Inhaler for Kids

    An inhaler, also called a puffer, is a plastic tube that holds a container of medicine that comes out in a spray and is breathed into the lungs.

  • Word! Inhale for Kids

    You're doing it now . . . and now . . . and now . . . and now!

  • Word! Spacer for Kids

    A spacer makes it easier to use an inhaler.

  • Asthma for Kids

    Asthma makes it hard to breathe. Find out more in this article for kids.

  • Kat's Asthma Story for Kids

    Kat doesn't let her asthma get in the way of playing sports. Find out how she does it in this article for kids.

  • Word! I for Kids

    Learn about health and medical words that begin with the letter I.

  • Asthma Medicine & Monitoring for Kids

    Find out how asthma medicines can help control breathing problems.

  • Your Lungs & Respiratory System for Kids

    What's something kids are doing all day, every day? Breathing! Your lungs are large and in charge of breathing, so read all about them in this article.

  • Asthma Center for Kids for Kids

    If you don't know much about asthma, this is the place to go.