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  • Outdoor Water Safety for Kids

    Kids love to spend hot days splashing around in a pool or the ocean. But it's important to learn how to be safe.

  • Pool Safety for Kids

    Swimming is a lot of fun! But even kids who know how to swim can have trouble in the water, so let's find out how to stay safe in the pool.

  • Swimmer's Ear for Kids

    You swam! You splashed! And now you have it: swimmer's ear.

  • Stay Safe Center for Kids

    Go outside! Just be safe out there. Find out how to handle stinging bugs, thunderstorms, sunny days, and icy cold days, too.

  • Jellyfish for Kids

    Jellyfish can sting swimmers - ouch! Find out more about these quietly creepy sea creatures.

  • Five Things Girls Want to Know About Periods for Kids

    Girls have lots of questions about periods. Here are five good ones - and the all-important answers!

  • Staying Fit for Kids

    You can be fit by exercising, doing your sport, or just plain old playing. Find out more about how kids can keep their bodies strong and healthy.

  • Why Exercise Is Wise for Kids

    Exercise can help keep a kid's body fit and healthy. Learn more about what exercise can do for you in this article for kids.

  • Playing It Safe Outdoors & On the Road for Kids

    Stay safe when you're outside or traveling. Find out how.

  • Nutrition & Fitness Center for Kids for Kids

    Want to know how to eat healthy and get fit? This is the place!

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