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  • Emergency Care & First Aid Center for Parents

    Here's your one-stop information center for everything you need to know about handling emergencies and keeping kids safe.

  • Chigger Bites for Parents

    Chiggers are tiny red mites whose bites aren't painful but do cause intense itching. Home care can help the itchiness.

  • Word! Insulin Resistance for Kids

    Even though the pancreas is still making insulin, the body doesn't let insulin do its job as well and it's harder for glucose to get into the cells. This is called insulin resistance.

  • Word! Irritable Bowel Syndrome for Kids

    Irritable bowel syndrome happens when the muscles in the large intestine have trouble doing their job.

  • Word! Occupational Therapy for Kids

    Do you know what your occupation is?

  • Rejection: How Well Do You Cope? (Quiz) for Teens

    Everyone gets rejected at some point. Get some insight into your coping skills by taking this quiz for teens.

  • Managing Your Weight for Teens

    Has your doctor told you to lose weight? Get ideas on food, fitness, and staying motivated. We've also got weight management tools and recipes designed just for teens.

  • Why Does Hair Turn Gray? for Kids

    Can you imagine yourself with gray hair someday? Find out why it happens in this article for kids.

  • Exercise & Sports Safety for Kids

    You want to be fit, but you also want to protect yourself from injury. Find out how to do it so you stay safe while exercising and playing sports.

  • Dialysis for Parents

    Dialysis is a medical treatment that can take over the job of cleaning the blood when the kidneys can't.

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